CRM 2011 – Three fold increase in CRM jobs this year

If get a number of emails from recruitment consultants each week, most of them are totally inappriopriate to such an extent I wonder why they have sent them to me, did they look at my cv/profile on linkedin?  Usually it smacks  of desperation, recruitment consultants spraying out emails to any email address they can find.

Any today I got an update from recruitment consultant who specialises in CRM.   I thought it was interesting he was sending out emails updating them on the CRM market, it seemed to add some kind of value, which is quite unusual for recruitment consultants.  The email had some observations about the CRM market which seemed to back my opinion of the state of the CRM market.

I figured that since Microsoft has released CRM 2011, which contained a number of popular enhancements like sharepoint intergration/document management, dashboards and a easier to use UI it would lead to more CRM work because they would be new customers and customer upgrading.

I also thought with the big promotion from Microsoft CRM and the in particular the cloud offering, especially consider the very competitive pricing strategy Microsoft is using.  This would also lead to an increase in CRM 2011 deployments, snaffling quite a few customers from salesforce.

Anyway here are some of the comments from the email, I would of course take some of it with a pinch of salt because the goal of the letter is to obviously encourage people to move and apply for jobs and what’s likely to that, it’s by telling you there are loads of jobs and they are paying top dollar, still we can hope

CRM Desk team has noticed a three fold increase in demand for skilled candidates and now is the time that professionals within Dynamics CRM are moving for the increases in salaries, packages, better career prospects and further development training opportunities.

The UK Perm market, this year has been crazy! In the best way possible, candidates are looking at the fastest and largest growing companies and packages than ever before with “paid 2 gain” certifications and extra training also on offer, This may have alot to do with the product growth and the platforms adaptability or as predicted the rise in demand after January’s CRM 2011 product launch,


The letter also gave a bit of insight to which sectors are growing


Firstly the sectors and verticals that seem to be most profitable for MS Dynamics CRM candidates to be working in are financial, media, Tel-com & Niche Energy. with Legal and Govt looking to be on the increase / growing MS CRM markets. This is due to Central Govt seeing the value of streamline business processes and saving money through investment into cloud or integrated customer relationship management systems.

Microsoft in America are strategically looking to target and dominate the legal sector as large and small law firms often outsource many different ERP & CRM and legal systems when Microsoft’s offerings can be easily and highly bespoken to fit into and benefit them whilst all importantly saving money.


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