CRM 2011 Tools – Search property updater and view layout replicator

I found a couple of good CRM 2011 tools this week.  They are from the excellent blog – Dynamic CRM Tools

He has also had 30000 hits today, well done sir and keep up the good work.  Reading his profile on his blog you have to give some credit in the CRM world because he has been working with CRM since version 1.2, now that is dedication.

He has release a couple of useful tools for CRM 2011.  The first one is a Search property updater.  This allows you set whether fields are searchable or not.  You can do it through CRM but this is just a bit of a shortcut.  You can find this tool at codeplex here

The next tool is is a view layout replicator for CRM 2011, this is also on Codeplex here. This is another time saving tool which allows you to replicate other views quickly by copying their layout.

It’s worth checking out Tanguy’s blog because you never know when he is going to update or create another CRM 2011 tool.

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