CRM 2011 – Release 5.02 – Retrieve Entity Metadata using JScript

I have recently been doing some javascript and have needed to retrieve the metadata for items but there wasn’t any code for this in CRM 2011.  Then I was there had been a new release 5.02 of the CRM 2011 SDK but I wasn’t sure if there was anything useful in it.

Firstly you can download the release here

but more interesting was the release information, I recommend you read it because there is lots of new goodies added to this release.  I wasn’t sure what the fuss was about until I read the release note and saw the extra sample code which had been added.  So go and read it here

Microsoft have added some new sample code which is very useful.  The first thing I noticed was they have added some examples of how to edit the metadata using Jscript and how to connect using soap methods.  I was wondering where this code was.  I didn’t want to use the old CRM 4 methods because they will not be supported in the long run.



How to retrieve metadata using jscript

Walk though using Soap endpoints and Jscript


Portal Developer Guide for Microsoft Dynamics CRM

Added a new section about using the portal development toolkit to build a Web portal that interacts with Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 .





Added new assemblies, tools and samples for Developer Extensions and the Portal Developers Guide.





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