CRM 2011 Blog – Hosk is number 1 and 5000 page views

Early this week I passed the 5000 page views (currently 5,265), a small milestone in comparison to my the many great CRM blogs out there but they say every long journey starts with one small step.

As well as looking at the some of my stats, I was looking at what search terms where being typed in and how they found their way to this blog

if you type in crm 2011 blog or crm 2011 books into Google and my blog comes out as the first link, which is pretty impressive.

Here are the all time search links

Search Views
crm 2011 blog 30
crm 2011 books 30
crm 2011 javascript intellisense 16
silverlight crm 2011 11
crm 2011 metadata browser 10
crm 2011 linq 8
linq crm 2011 8
crmsvcutil 2011 8
crm 2011 book 8
add jquery to dynamics crm 2011 8
crm 2011 sdk 8

Here are this weeks most popular search terms

Search Views
crm 2011 books 10
linq crm 2011 8
crm 2011 javascript intellisense 7
silverlight crm 2011 6
crm 2011 blog 6
crm 2011 linq 6
crm 2011 sdk 5
crm 2011 javascript 5
crm 2011 jscript 5
dynamics crm 2011 javascript 5

It’s interesting because I can see these items are the topics that have interested me the most and where I have spent most of my time researching over the last couple of months.

Although this CRM blog is generating more traffic through people searching Google I have not yet got many subscribers but I think this is because I have only really been blogging about CRM since December and subscribers need to be earnt

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