IE8 – debug windows opens out of screen



Other ways to maximize an open window:

  • Double-click the top of an open window just below the top edge. To restore a maximized window to its original size, double-click the top of the window again.
  • On the taskbar, press Shift and right-click a taskbar button or a preview of an open window, and then click Maximize.
I was having major problems with the debug window.  When I was firing up the debug window (by pressing F12), the window was appearing outside of the screen.  I think this problem was caused because at work I had an extra screen and then when I was at home I only had the laptop.
The problem I had was I couldn’t find any way to maximise the screen to bring it onto the main laptop screen.
In the end I found that by pressing the windows key – Picture of Windows logo key and then down arrow or up key.  You can then press shift to go through the screens until you get the developer debug screen.


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