CRM 2011 – How to use external Javascript files

There are a few javascript files which you want to call, like json2.js file and probably jquery.js file.

I couldn’t understand initially how you to call another Javascript file from within my javascript file.

The actual answer was quite obvious after I worked it out.

you have to import the Javascript file as a webresource.  This won’t mean you will be able to access it because you also have to make sure you select the file in the form properties and then Add it in the form libraries.

What this means is when the form loads, it will also load the javascript file.  Once it is loaded you can then call the functions on the form.

I only worked this out because I added the other Javascript file and when I was debugging I could then see all of the Javascript files I had loaded.

IE8 – debug windows opens out of screen



Other ways to maximize an open window:

  • Double-click the top of an open window just below the top edge. To restore a maximized window to its original size, double-click the top of the window again.
  • On the taskbar, press Shift and right-click a taskbar button or a preview of an open window, and then click Maximize.
I was having major problems with the debug window.  When I was firing up the debug window (by pressing F12), the window was appearing outside of the screen.  I think this problem was caused because at work I had an extra screen and then when I was at home I only had the laptop.
The problem I had was I couldn’t find any way to maximise the screen to bring it onto the main laptop screen.
In the end I found that by pressing the windows key – Picture of Windows logo key and then down arrow or up key.  You can then press shift to go through the screens until you get the developer debug screen.