Learning Resource – Getting started with Silverlight

I have started to have a look at silverlight and found there is a really good resource for getting started with Silverlight


It has lots of videos, labs, tutorials.  This is probably a good place to start to get to grips with silverlight.  Looking at all the material I feel there is a long way to go but every long journey starts with one step.

here is what is briefly covered at the site

Start Learning Silverlight

  1. Watch Getting Started for Silverlight Web

    Watch Getting Started for Silverlight Out-of-Browser (Desktop)

    Pete Brown introduces the concepts and tools needed to get started with Silverlight development in its two major forms: in-browser and out-of-browser. The web video introduces basic concepts, the out-of-browser video expands those to create a simple Twitter client.

  2. Read Tim Heuer’s 8-part blog series on getting started

    Tim’s blog posts will walk you through the fundamentals of Silverlight and will help you build a sample application along the way. Each step includes source code as well as C# and Visual Basic code for the completed application.

  3. Watch How Do I Videos

    Over two dozen new Silverlight 4 videos including Jesse Liberty’s new Silverlight 4 From Scratch series.

  4. Walk through the QuickStart Tutorials

    The quickstarts walk you through key Silverlight concepts, illustrated on-page with working Silverlight examples and demo applications.

  5. Read Jesse Liberty’s Tutorials

    Learn more about Silverlight with Jesse’s tutorial series.

  6. Learn to use Expression Blend with .toolbox

    Follow the free, fun Silverlight and Expression courses and tutorials at the Microsoft .toolbox site to understand how to use the key features of Expression Blend. Also consider running through the Project Rosetta tutorials.


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