CRM – How to get rid of the CRM export to Excel warning message

I found this blog on the Customer Effective Blog (which is one of my favourite CRM hangouts) via clicking on Anne Stanton’s blog (known in the CRM world as the CRMLady) who was commenting on a twitter post of mine which was posted to linkedin.

In other words CRM is a small world but it’s well formed with lots of knowledge people helping each other out.  It also reminds me of the phrase “history repeats itself”, and good CRM blog certainly get repeated all over the place.

I never thought you would be able to remove the message but I am keen to give it a go.


Getting Rid of the CRM Export to Excel Warning Message

When you export to Excel from CRM, when you open the exported spreadsheet in Excel, you will receive the following warning:


This warning is due to a security feature in Excel 2007 and greater that checks the contents of a file to make sure that they match the file extension.  Given that the CRM data is exported using XML and saved with an .xls format, Excel doesn’t think that the format of the file is correct.

While this is probably designed to prevent some legitimate security concerns, it winds up having the opposite effect for people who export frequently from Excel—since this message will be popping up for them frequently, they will be conditioned to always click “Yes,” and as a result be prone to allow more legitimate security warnings to be ignored.

There are two options for getting rid of this warning:

1.  Group Policy – Adam Vero at the “Getting IT Right” blog has a good post on how to globally suppress this warning using group policy.

2.  Per Computer – You can easily get rid of this warning using a simple registry change on your computer.  The following instruction are for Excel 2010.  If you have 2007, the only change would be the location of the registry folder will be …\Microsoft\OFFICE\12.0\EXCEL\SECURITY.  Normal warnings apply—don’t modify your registry unless you know what you are doing.

1. Open your Registry (Start -> Run -> regedit.exe)
3. Right click in the right window and choose New -> DWORD
4. Type “ExtensionHardening” as the name (without the quotes)
5. Verify that the data has the value “0″


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