CRM 2011 – Coming Soon – David Yack’s new Book – Using Silverlight with CRM 2011

When I heard the mighty Yack (David Yack blog) was writing a book about CRM 2011 and silverlight I thought this was an excellent combination.  I feel I have got to know David quite a bit after watching all the CRM 2011 Development videos which are included in the CRM Development Kit.

I have been interested in what I have heard about silverlight (Microsoft version of Flash!) and would like to learn more about it, I would also like to learn about how you can use it with CRM 2011.  David’s new book is going to do just that because the book is going to do what it says in the title

Using Silverlight with CRM 2011

you can read about him giving a brief description of the book on his blog here

So why am I talking about the book which isn’t released until March.  Well on his blog he asked for people to help proof read the book, I volounteered and today I have been reading some of the book. I cant say much about it but so far I found it interesting and easy to read, it will be a great book for .NET/CRM developers who want to learn about Silverlight and how to use it with CRM 2011.

The only downside to this at the moment is I have only read one chapter and now want to read some more



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