Microsoft Executive Interview – Trends in CRM over the last 10 years

I saw an interesting interview on Software Advice’s blog.  This is the first interview of a week of interviews.  You can go to the blog here to check it out directly

The interview takes place in Redmond, Washington and in this interview they ask Brad Wilson, General Manager of CRM Dynamics his thought on the state CRM.

He make an interesting observation, he puts forward the idea that CRM systems have moved from optional to a something businesses need to take advantage of be on top of, otherwise they run the risk of falling behind their competitors.

The other main point I took from the video is Brad thinks the biggest obstacle with the success or failure of CRM systems over the last 10 years is users rejected the CRM system.  Either not liking the solution or finding it difficult to use and customize to their needs.  This is one area Microsoft CRM dynamics is quite strong, it has a good solid base platform but has put a lot of effort to make it easier (especially in 2011) for you to customize the CRM solution.

Lastly he points out that CRM systems are becoming more popular because they are cheaper.  I think competition and particularly from Microsoft is pushing this point.

The video was an interesting snippet and tomorrows should also be interesting because it has the title – Will Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 slow Salesforce?

Here is the video


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