CRM 2011 – How to get rid of the getting started panel

if you have been using CRM 2011 you will have soon got quite annoyed with the massive getting started panel taking up half the screen, I view it as CRM’s version of the paperclip, everytime I logged in it was like the paperclip popping up and saying “it looks like you are writing a letter”.

It also looks a bit embarrassing when you are showing some work to someone with this huge getting started panel popping up making you like a novice.

In the end I got so annoyed I decided I was going to get rid of it.  Not to mention it didn’t really have anything of use in it.

Removing it for yourself

Go to File – Options – General Tab and uncheck the box for “Show Get Started panes on all lists”

Remove the Get Started Panel for everyone

You have to have System Administrator priviledges.

Settings – Administration – System Settings – General Tab and mark off “No” for the first question of “Show Get Started panes on all lists for all users”

I’m not going to put a picture because if you are System Administrator you should know your way around the Settings/Administration sections by now.  I know I had to go into the System Settings to change the date format settings to UK.


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