Microsoft voted top CRM provider

I saw on this site that Microsoft were voted the top CRM provider in 2011.  The article attributes Microsoft status as number 1 because it is offering CRM solutions and at lower prices and people can deliver projects at a quicker rate.  It doesn’t sound like it gets much better than that.


Van Delden: It’s interesting to see Microsoft move to the top of the list ahead of the leading enterprise providers. I believe this is due to several industry dynamics. First, despite the fragile state of the economy, the small to mid-sized enterprise market has been very active and Microsoft’s latest offerings are gaining quite a lot of acceptance. Secondly, the economy has forced IT budget reductions. Microsoft, along with some of the other players on the list, has probably benefited from being able to deliver projects at much lower cost versus other vendors.

One thought on “Microsoft voted top CRM provider

  1. Graham Anderson February 15, 2011 / 12:33 am

    Hi Ben

    Its good to see MS CRM back in the running, gives us more to go after I guess.


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