CRM 2011 – LINQ Videos

I have been using LINQ in CRM 2011 recently and I am loving it and I also need to study LINQ for the .NET 4 exam.  So I was looking for some videos about LINQ so I could understand using in CRM but also some more general videos.

this first video is great for CRM 2011.  It’s done by David Yack and is included on the official CRM 2011 Development kit.  It goes through some general examples CRM 2011 and LINQ.

LINQ Provider


The two videos below are general LINQ videos and just show examples of LINQ.  I found these useful for the 70-515 Web applications exam.

LINQ to SQL Overview


LINQ Tutorial Video




Exam 70-515 – Ramp up course – Web Development with ASP.NET

Whilst I am studying for the 70-515 Web applications .NET 4 exam, I am always on the lookout for some good information resources.

I have used the ramp up courses from Microsoft before and found them very useful.  They seem to be written from a developers point of view and they give you enough information so you can start developing with the technology and do all the basics.  They give you a sound footing and our a good spring board for you to use

so Today I found a good ramp up course – Ramp up course – Web Development with ASP.NET

It won’t help you with lots of areas on the exam but the information on state management, controls, configuration files are certainly covered in the exam

Learning Resources

Published on: 5/11/2009


Number 1 image

An introduction to web programming
We’ll start with how web pages are rendered from a web server, and touch on many of the basic concepts around web development, like HTML, HTTP, XML, and how everything fits together.



Number 3 image

ASP.NET Syntax Overview
In this module, we will introduce ASP.NET syntax, going step by step through the most common ASP.NET keywords and types you will need to get started building web pages.


Number 4 image

Programming WebForms
In this module, we’ll introduce the concept of Web Forms, and how you can use them to group controls as you build your web site.


Number 5 image

Web Configuration
Many web sites benefit from settings that span multiple pages within the site. This module will introduce web configuration files, which are a great way to store this type of information.


Number 6 image

Programming Web Events
Web events are a way to notify your application when some specific item of interest occurs in your web application. This topic will introduce how you can use web events to make your ASP.NET applications more responsive.


Number 7 image

State Management
As visitors move through your web application, it often makes sense to track data on the server, so the application can quickly access information to give the user a better experience. This module will discuss various aspects of state management, and optimal times to choose each technique.


ASP.NET Page Life Cycle

studying for the 70-515 .NET 4 web exam I need to know about the ASP.NET page life cycle.

Event Life Cylcle of an ASP.Net Page.

Life cycle stages:-

  1. Page request
  2. Start
  3. Page initialization
  4. Load
  5. Validation
  6. Postback event handling
  7. Rendering
  8. Onload

Life Cycle Events:-

  • PreInit
  • Init
  • InitComplete
  • PreLoad
  • Load
  • Control events
  • LoadComplete
  • PreRender
  • SaveStateComplete
  • Render
  • Unload


I have also found a couple of useful videos, I like to reinforce information I have read by watching videos because the person in the video often explains in a more descriptive and memorable way than just reading the information.

This video is from Microsofts ASP.NET

Page Lifecycle Events

This video is a decent explaination of the page lifecycle