The plan to pass the Web Applications Development with Microsoft .NET 4. certification

I was working through a chapter for my Web Applications Development with Microsoft .NET 4.  I was just finishing the second chapter and the whole self study book has 14 chapters.

I was thinking how much progress should I be making.  I had set myself an a target of doing most of the studying by the end of March.

I had also been doing practise exams, watching videos, reading around the subject.  But my main target is working through this book, so I thought to myself I need to know how many pages I need to read each week so I am on target to get this done by the end of March.  This is mentioned in the post –

The important factor here is the importance of setting a goal/deadline.  Once you have done that then you know the amount of work you need to do each week to achieve you goal.

So with the book I’m reading, it’s 880 pages, so I roughly need to read around 100 pages a week.

I noted down all the chapters in an Excel spreadsheet so I can track my progress.  Now that is sad.

70-515 – Self paced chap pages chap start chap end percent current page current percent
Chap 1 39 1 40 4.55
Chap 2 55 41 96 10.91 96 10.91
Chap 3 63 97 160 18.18
Chap 4 66 161 227 25.8
Chap 5 63 228 291 33.07
Chap 6 37 292 329 37.39
Chap 7 57 330 387 43.98
Chap 8 65 388 453 51.48
Chap 9 97 454 551 62.61
Chap 10 71 552 623 70.8
Chap 11 61 624 685 77.84
Chap 12 101 686 787 89.43
Chap 13 43 788 831 94.43
Chap 14 48 832 880 100


Toolbox is missing in visual studio 2010

I was studying for .NET 4 exam and running through one of the lab sessions and it needed me to add a button and dropdown box but then suddenly the toolbox was not coming up.

I was searching around and couldn’t find out how to add it back in, I also couldn’t understand where it would be.


Finally I found out how to add the toolbox back in.


Go to the VIEW menu

Click on Toolbox

then once again you can enjoy adding buttons and dropdowns to your hearts content


PDF font fuzzy/blurry on laptop

I had been reading pdf’s on my laptop at home and found the text seemed fuzzy when compared to reading the same pdf files at work.

I had searched the internet for “pdf fuzzy text”, “blurred pdf text”

but I couldn’t find anything which was useful.  So I resolved to sort out the problem myself but looking in the preferences and changing values and see what happened.

Finally I changed to values which seemed to make a difference.

I changed the Smooth text to “For Laptops/LCD Screens”

I also changed ticked the use smooth zooming.

Finally my text was not fuzzy/blurred any more.

CRM 2011 – Syntax changes in plugins from CRM 4

The changes between CRM 2011 and CRM 4 with regards to plugins are not that much.   Like a lot of the changes it involves using the XRM dll rather than CRM dll.  In many ways it seems Microsoft were busying changing others in CRM 2011 to worry about the plugins.

Although they have added in WCF services rather than Web services (don’t panic they do still work)

There are a few subtle differences and we now use Entity rather than Dynamicentity.  This is a nice improvement and will make coding easier.

It’s always good to know what has changed and today I saw this concise list of the major differences between plugins in CRM 2011 and CRM 4.  I would also like to say this blog is excellent from a CRM developers point of view, the articles are always interesting and have excellent code examples.  I have added to my netvibes so I know when he adds any more posts.

Read the article by clicking the link below

5 syntax changes in Dynamics CRM 2011 plugins

There are number of changes between Dynamics CRM 2011 SDK and CRM 4 SDK. Let’s take a look at what has changed between plugins.