Subscribing CRM forums – An Excellent source of CRM Information.

I have been using netvibes recently and it has had a dramatic effect on keeping up todate with the latest and greatest CRM information.  Netvibes allows you to subscribe to anything with an RSS feed, Twitter, Linkedin, facebook.  It then orders the information in a way which means you can easily read lots of different feeds without much effort.

I have signed up to lots of blogs and they are good for finding useful articles and opinions on CRM

The other source of information I have also been getting interesting information from is two slightly unusual sources.


Forums RSS feeds

Microsoft has a good collection of CRM forums


I also like the fact you can choose to filter by answered questions, so you are basically looking at the solutions to the problems.

Often you will see people raise questions which will help you out, you also get the benefit of having CRM MVP’s answering the questions, so it is also a good way to learn.

It’s also interesting to see how people are using CRM, you can often get a good idea of their requirements from the questions they are posting.

Who knows if you start replying to people’s questions you could become a CRM MVP yourself.


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