Good CRM Twitter Feeds

I had starting subscribing to tweets but often got overwhelmed when I looked at the various CRM tweets I was following.

It wasn’t until I start using netvibes that I found it easy to quickly have a look at the tweets I was subscribed.

Now I have found they are a really good source of information.  I think it’s because people are happy to tweet links to good articles rather than write a blog because tweeting is quick and easy.

The benefit of this is, it doesn’t take you long to quickly scan the tweets to see if there is anything of interest!/GoodCRM!/neilabenson!/mscrmonline!/msdynamics!/dynamicsusers!/MSDYNCOMM!/MSDynamicsCRM!/msdynamicsworld

I hope you enjoy these bunch of CRM twitter feeds, there are of course lots out there but these are the ones I have found the most useful.

if you have any other interesting feeds please leave them in the comments.


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