Get Personal With CRM

I read this post on Fat CRM data and it got me thinking.  Most of the CRM data that people are concerned with sales information, orders, marketing.

I always think of the benefits of CRM is getting all the information together and automating as much as you can and not loosing time and information switching between different software programs.

The information you can collect in CRM, the more you can analyse your processes and see if you are working efficiently or where you could improve things.  In fact rather than repeat myself I have a blog called

What are the benefits of CRM

But let us not forget that CRM standards for customer relationship management.  The article focuses on what the author calls Fat CRM data.

He describes as such

Let me explain; thin CRM data are things like contact details, meeting notes, activity history, planned future actions and so on. Fat CRM Data relate to the person themselves and typically would be the following: –

  • Their interests inside and outside of work
  • What food and drink they like
  • When they prefer to be contacted during the day (usually early or late)
  • If they prefer to see you for a coffee, breakfast, lunch, dinner or a “cheeky half” after work
  • The name of their PA
  • What their business and personal goals are
  • What their business and personal challenges (problems in none-PC speak) are


This is an area which people do not currently keep a great deal of information on but they have the framework to do so.  In CRM you have Accounts and Contacts.  You have a structured way to sort your information and easily find it.

You could reap a great deal of benefit everyone started filling CRM with personal information to someone who is a potential client, even small pieces of information could make the difference between winning a contract and not.  Something trivial like knowing that person likes horse racing or their favourite resturant, the football team they support, names of children.  If any of the information helped build up a rapport with that person it could make a big difference.

What I also like about the idea is that with CRM you could easily share this information with other members of the team and create a collective pool of FAT CRM information, rather than have lots of separate and inferior pools of fat crm data.

you could use Microsoft Dynamics CRM to send the person a birthday card every year, although I’m not sure how much business that would win you if he recieved a bog standard template birthday card but it might just remind him about you and influence him to pick up the phone and talk business with you.


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