Microsoft Dynamics CRM Timeline

As I have been using CRM 2011 from the beta release, it got me thinking about the timeline of CRM.  I found this CRM timeline at the Dynamicsworld website.  I think it shows that Microsoft has been taking CRM more seriously over the past 4 years and is starting to invest time, money and marketing, especially with CRM 2011.

For a more general look at CRM and not just Microsoft, I found this CRM Timeline.  This shows the progress the different companies have made in the CRM world.

It shows Microsoft didn’t even enter the market in the 90’s and waited until 2002

The terms XRM didn’t arrive until 2001


Greenberg’s “CRM at the Speed of Light”

In February, Paul Greenberg releases “CRM at the Speed of Light”. The book, now in its 4th edition, introduced the idea of ‘xRM,’ which expands traditional CRM to encompass the management of all relationships, both internal and external, for-profit and non-profit, and government and municipalities. Suggested by: Leon Tribe”

The article was thoughtfully written and I like the way it ended with a prediction of the future, I keep hearing Social CRM more and more, so maybe they a point.
Looking Forward: Trends to Watch in CRM

Social CRM and the future of the industry. Where will the CRM industry go next? With the introduction of concepts such as Customer Enterprise 2.0, Sales 2.0 and Social CRM, we can anticipate an increased focus from vendors on how to incorporate these new technologies into a CRM strategy. Currently, many vendors have 2.0 or social functions, but they have yet to figure out a way to integrate these concepts in such a way as to realize their full potential. Also, with new technology comes new blood. We expect to see a good amount of smaller vendors enter the space in an attempt to capitalize on this new technology, similar to what we saw in the early years of SaaS.




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