Creating an xRM Portal Website

This site has a very cool Accelerator for CRM, you can see it here

Basically it quickly creates a portal and then stores all the data into CRM.  It’s like a content management system except with a lot more functionality because you can also configure security.

I think I like the idea because it’s so simple, why not store all the variables in CRM entities.

The beauty of this accelerator is you can quickly create a website and have all the pages CRM, making it easy to manage.

Here are the features

Portal & Site Management

Comprehensive Web Portal
& Site Management Tools
  • Publishing States & Workflows
  • URL Redirects
  • Central Page Templates
  • Site Settings
  • Site Markers
  • Website Bindings
  • Sitemap Provider
  • User Defined Reporting
Consistent Corporate Branding
& Presentation
  • Page Templates
  • Template Selector
  • CSS Attributes
Lock-Tight Security
  • Web Roles
  • Web Page Access Control Rules
  • Website Access Permissions


They have some interesting demonstration videos which you can watch here


You can see the portal demo here

I also think they have just released this CRM portal accelerator for CRM 2011, which is good news