CRM 2011 – How to Quickly add sample data

You create a new organisation in CRM, go into the system and find that it’s completely empty.  How are you are meant to practise CRM Development without any information.

CRM 2011 makes importing the sample data quick and easy.  Importing the Sample Data isn’t difficult but it is frustrating when you are not sure where to look

You log in with Administrator rights

go to


Systems/Data Management

Sample Data

it then asks if you want to install it, press Install Sample Data button.


now you can look around CRM, the dashboards have sprung into life and your organisation has enough data for you to do some customer demo’s or practise development.


The feature provides the following sample data:


Entity Records
Accounts 14
Campaigns 8
Cases 14
Contacts 14
Leads 10
Opportunities 15
Phone Calls 10
Subjects 2
Tasks 14
Goals 4


If you want a detailed walk through with pictures then go to this blog post


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