CRM 2011 – Repeated credential prompts when accessing on premise install of 2011

I had been getting problems with authentication with any of my webresources.
The problem was driving me mad, I was looking at authentication in all areas of ISS manager and couldn’t see anything which should be causing the problem.
What was happening was everytime a page in CRM had to use a custom icon, or javascript or any of the web resources it was failing the authentication.
I finally found this forum post and I did this part and it resolved the issue.
actually it was wierd because first I tried this

For IIS Windows Authentication, remove Negotiate and just keep NTLM.  See if you have any better luck.

It then worked but then I changed it back and it still worked???!?!?!?!?!

This was the instructions

go to IIS manager

– expand, server, go to sites

– select the CRM website

– in the feature view, select Authentication

– select windows authentication

– click on Providers, and add negotiate as second enabled provider after NTLM.


The only thing I think I have done is move NTLM so it’s the process that it first tries.  Either way it is now working and I am going to slowly back away from IIS Manager and the configuration settings