CRM 2011 – Video – Listing your App in the Dynamics Marketplace

I think the CRM Dynamics Marketplace is a good idea, there hasn’t been much information about it.  Then slowly but surely the information is appearing and things are becoming clear.

but finally Microsoft made a blog with the  FAQ’s, it contains details about costs and the testing (and where) you need to do to get your app listed in the Marketplace

I then found this excellent video which runs through the 5 steps you need to go through to get your apps listed

I would add that some of these steps won’t be taken by developers because listing the company involves putting in lots of data and you will need to describe your company


One thought on “CRM 2011 – Video – Listing your App in the Dynamics Marketplace

  1. Cliff February 7, 2011 / 3:56 am

    Thanks for the info and the links regarding MS CRM 2011 aps.


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