CRM 2011 – Sonoma Partners give Vibe add on away for free

everyone who has used CRM will have heard of Sonoma Partners and will have been onto their blog/website.  They also wrote the excellent CRM programming book and the CRM Step by step.
There latest blog entry they have announced they are giving away Vibe.
From what I can tell Vibe is a CRM accelerator which is a framework for you to view various different feeds from blogs, twitter, facebook etc.
This allows you to view all the different items you are subscribed to in an orderly manner, search all the content, great groups and share the content between them.  Here is how sonoma partners describe some of the benefits/features
The end result: An environment for communities and collaboration in your organization that helps drive user adoption of your Microsoft Dynamics CRM system.

User and Group Feeds: Updates are comments related to a feed, specific to a Microsoft Dynamics CRM user, business group or team. All feeds and entries are stored in Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

User Profiles and Subscriptions: Users select the feeds to which they want to subscribe so they see the information most relevant to them. They also can opt to receive real-time notification of updates in Vibe, a daily or weekly e-mail report of their feeds, or access their updates from Vibe’s mobile client.

Automated Content: In addition to status updates and comments posted by users, you can configure automated updates with Microsoft Dynamics CRM’s workflow engine for milestones such as launching a marketing campaign, winning an opportunity, or resolving a case.

they have a video here to show you what it can do
The other reason I found this interesting was because they have made it available via the CRM Market place.  This is the first thing I have seen there, it’s also interesting because it’s FREE.
Here is the Market Place link
I like the fact the reviews all have a pro’s and con’s section.  This is an excellent way to review things because you can see the niggles with the add on rather than just the pro’s.  The review section for vibe can be seen here
Excellent work from the Sonoma Partners who certainly have given quite a lot to the CRM community.