CRM 2011 launched – GO GO GO

Well there we go CRM 2011 is finally launched and release to 40 countries and 41 different languages, in the cloud, on the cloud, up, down, left, right, in the 4th dimension, 5th dimension, in this galaxy and beyond.

I have to admit I was hoping Steve Ballmer was going to do deliver one of his infamous speeches but he seemed rather subdued today.  You have to admit it would be heard to muster that much enthusiasm for an energetic jumping around the stage performance, I get the feeling CRM is a bit more dignified.

I’m not sure what I was expecting but it was pretty much what I expected, lots of crazy business speak words, a bit of a demo showing off the dashboard and nice graphical showings and then after that it was left to the user to click on the development videos etc.

I was quite amused by the fact they kept having a dig at the other software calling oracle, salesforce, act old systems and Microsoft was liberating and freeing the user to stop wasting time trying to do admin tasks and get selling things.


I will also add I have had my 1000 reader today, it’s not much in the grand scheme of the CRM blogs but  it’s still a landmark for me.



CRM 2011 – Javascript Intellisense Generator

So after created the intellisense for the Xrm CRM 2011 javascript object, I was getting hooked on the intellisense feature.

I then googled it and found this brilliant tool.

What’s more it’s recommended by David Yack from the book I am slowly getting round to read

CRM as a Rapid Development Platform

You will of course need to update your js files if you want to use new fields added but this certainly makes writing javascript a lot easier.

There are quite a few great tools written for CRM and a lot of excellent developers working with CRM, which the whole CRM community benefit from.

good work

CRM 2011 – Intellisense for JScript

I started looking at writing some Jscript today.

I have got my head around the new webresource setting and where you have to load the jscript file.

I was then trying to work out the best way to write jscript code and what environment.

The best free solution seems to be Visual Studio.  but I also found this excellent post which gives you some intellisense for CRM 2011

What Patrick has done is basically build in intellisense for the new functionality in CRM 2011.

Anything that makes Jscript development easier is ok with me.  I have been looking at some other tools which hopefully will add intellisense to the different entities.

I haven’t got it to work yet but when I do I shall post a link for it.