CRM – Plugin Registration frustrations


I was brought onto a project to make a small change to a plugin, it should have only taken a few hours/half a day and then it would have been done.

After I figured out how everything worked, what they actually wanted me to change.  I made the change and it was fairly straight forward but then it came to registering the plugin.

This plugin was registered on disk? It also used 3 other DLL’s.

After googling a bit, I found out that DLL’s have to be registered in the GAC.  More googling and I found this could be done using the Visual Studio command line tool.

This is like the line I used

gacutil /i AssemblyFileName.dll


I managed to register the workflow plugin ok and then I had to rewrite the actual plugin interaction within CRM.  I registered the DLL’s in the GAC.  I then restarted IIS and stopped and started the CRM async service.




The original workflow file wasn’t using the new version, CRM still had a link to the old version.

What I found was we had to actually replace the dll file which was held

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\Server\bin\assembly

Even though I had unregistered the old workflow and then registered a new one but CRM was still linking to the old version.

When I registered the Workflow dll, I had copied it to the server but put in the temp folder and then registered it.

It was only once I deleted the workflow dll in

C:\Program Files\Microsoft Dynamics CRM\Server\bin\assembly

which I had to do by stopping IIS for a bit and then registered it from that directory.


This took a long time to figure out but I (with help from others) finally got to the bottom of it.

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