What are the benefits of CRM certifications


There is no end to education. It is not that you read a book, pass an examination, and finish with education. The whole of life, from the moment you are born to the moment you die, is a process of learning.

Jiddu Krishnamurti

Why are CRM certificationsa benefi,  why should you study for one.  Here are my thoughts on the subject

I will put this one first because it’s the most important

“43 percent of survey respondents report salary increases as a result of Microsoft Certification.”

– Redmond magazine’s 2006 survey of compensation for Microsoft IT professionals

here is how microsoft explains why getting certified is a good idea

Why get certified?

Earning a Microsoft Certification helps validate your proven experience and knowledge in using Microsoft products and solutions. Designed to be relevant in today’s rapidly changing marketplace, Microsoft Certifications help you utilize evolving technologies, fine-tune your troubleshooting skills, and improve your job satisfaction.

Whether you are new to technology, changing jobs, or a seasoned IT professional, becoming certified helps demonstrate to customers, peers, and employers that you are committed to advancing your skills and taking on greater challenges. In addition, certification provides you with access to Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) resources and benefits, including opportunities to connect with a vast, global network of MCPs.

Here are the benefits I think passing a CRM certification gives you

1.  It’s sets you apart from all the people who haven’t got a certification.  If an employer is interview two people and one has a certification and the other doesn’t then the certified person has a definite advantage.

2.  While you cannot beat experience, a certification helps build a more complete knowledge of CRM.  I have also experienced this whilst study for my Java certification.  When using a system you use only the parts you need to do the projects you are working on.  When you study a certification you learn parts you haven’t used yet but this gives you a more rounded knowledge.

3.  Success creates success.   Passing the certification will give you more confidence because you set yourself a goal, made a plan (studying) and then executed the plan and passed the exam.

4.  You show employers you are continues learning.  Employers are always interested in hiring people who can and are willing to learn because in most jobs you will have to learn new skills, maybe a new job.  By passing the certification you are showing you are willing and have the ability to learn more skills, this sets you apart from all those colleagues who just come in and do their job and go home.

5.  You can Mentor and help others to pass a CRM certification.  Once you have passed a certification other people around you will be interested in certification.  They will wonder if they can pass the certification and might ask your advice.

6.  People who are certified get paid more than people who are not certified.  Now whether this is down to having a certification or whether its because people who get certified are high achievers who knows but it certainly won’t hurt your case for a payrise when it comes round to review time.

7.  Certfications are good ways to change the direction of your career.  If you are interested in moving into CRM then getting  a CRM certification will show your boss that you are serious about it.

8.  Companies need more certifications to keep their gold partner status, so the certification is more important to companies.

9.  You get to use Career-related tools in the MCP Career Center.  You also have the opportunity to network with other people who have passed CRM certifications.

10.  It’s a good way to learn new features in the latest version of CRM if you haven’t had much experience of using the latest version.

11.  Passing a certification gives you something to show for your learning.  You get a benefit from reading a CRM book or articles but doing this won’t give you anything to show you employer or potential employer but a certification is an industry standard level of learning CRM.

I found this article describing the benefits of certification, it is a useful and concise summary


Microsoft’s certification site have some more reasons why the CRM certifications are good, you can read that here.  Here are some benefits specified by Microsoft, which can be found here


“43 percent of survey respondents report salary increases as a result of Microsoft Certification.”

– Redmond magazine’s 2006 survey of compensation for Microsoft IT professionals

When you earn a Microsoft Certification, you receive access to a suite of online tools—which can be found on the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) member site or the Microsoft Business Certification (MSBC) member site— to help you demonstrate your unique achievements to customers, peers, and employers.

Further your career with advanced technical skills

“More than 40 percent of survey respondents report that Microsoft Certification was a factor in improving their ability to find or keep a job or get a promotion.”

– Redmond magazine’s 2006 survey of compensation for Microsoft IT professionals

A Microsoft Certification on your resume helps inspire confidence in hiring managers and helps open doors to career opportunities for you. By earning a Microsoft Certification, you have access to resources on the Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP) site or the Microsoft Business Certification (MBC) site, depending on the type of certification you earned. These member sites house a variety of tools and resources to help you advance even further in your career.

Resources include the following (some are found only on the MCP member site):

  • Career-related tools in the MCP Career Center
  • A Microsoft job board where you can display your technical certifications
  • Microsoft Certification Planner
  • Technical subscriptions, products, and services
  • Potential college credit

Collaborate and network with other certified professionals around the world

As a member of the Microsoft Certification community, you can connect with other certified professionals worldwide, through Microsoft-sponsored events, local news groups, and online forums. Network and brainstorm with the community for technical help, certification suggestions, job seeking, or simple camaraderie.

Community and networking resources include:

  • Private and public newsgroups
  • Invitations to conferences, training sessions, and special events
  • Subscription to the MCP Flash newsletter


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