Microsoft CRM Add on’s and 3rd Party tools

I have been looking at Add on’s for CRM.

Here are some good links to places where you can find some good CRM add ons.  Most of these links are for CRM 4 and a lot of these might be included in CRM 2011 as standard, which is another good reason to upgrade.  but not all the features in these add on’s are included so it might be useful to check them out.

this site had some good reviews from some people on linked in, he mentioned they were willing to custormize the add on.

This blog is really good, the person has done a great job of keeping a list of all the Crm Add on’s he has come across

Someone said aximom has a credit card solution for CRM.

this is a good one for people who want to use CRM for a helpdesk tool

C360 ITSM including ITIL best practices for IT service desks and help desks such as incident management, configuraiton management (CMDB), and service level management (SLAs).

Someone also advised me to look at this, which sounds quite useful but I would say the person who recommended it does work at the company

Hi Ben, Take a moment to check out Akvelon’s Global Search ( ). Global Search is essentially a search engine that searches across all entities (including custom) with one single search. You can customize what it searches, and can even search email contents. Visit the link above to try it out with the demo, or even download the free 2 week trial to test it in your own environment. Since it’s not industry specific it is quite useful for all user types.




7 thoughts on “Microsoft CRM Add on’s and 3rd Party tools

  1. Richard Knudson January 7, 2011 / 12:56 am

    Hi Ben,

    Thanks for the useful post! I’ve written a few articles about add-ons; here’s the add-ons category for my blog:

    My coverage is definitely not comprehensive, but the add-ons I write about I try to cover in reasonably good detail.

    As a CRM user, my top three indispensable add-ons are InsideView for lead/contact acquisition, Web2CRM for Internet lead capture, and CoreMotives for email marketing.




  2. Hosk January 7, 2011 / 11:10 pm

    once again Richard K gives some excellent advice and information.

    thanks for your reply


  3. Eric Johnston March 13, 2011 / 5:23 pm

    A simple global search box, like provides, was on my wish list for Dynamics CRM 2011. The CRM 2011 add-on “XRMagic Search” provides this Google-like search box. It searches across any number of entities and fields (attributes), including any text or memo fields, notes/annotations, and e-mail messages. I’m sure we’ll see more and more useful add-ons to CRM 2011 — the new SDK opens up a lot more possibilities. Thanks, EJ


  4. Horhe April 15, 2011 / 3:11 pm

    Hi Ben,
    I found Global Search really useful add-on for Dynamics CRM. There can be found numerous features like Search all records in all CRM entities (including custom entities) at once from inside the CRM workspace searching all records using the CRM plug-in within Microsoft Outlook; viewing search results grouped by entities at a single glance; filtering results in the column headers of each entity; configuring entities to search, attributes to search by, and information to display; searching the contents of an attachment; searching custom entities (Search by Lookup fields) and many other useful features.
    Thanks guys from
    This tool makes searching quick and easier for sure!


  5. Axonom (@axonom) November 7, 2011 / 4:12 pm

    Yes, Axonom has “add-on” solutions for Dynamics CRM 2011. More specifically, we have enhancement solutions like…customer and partner portals, time and billing, quote and product configurator, service automation, call center, editable grids and design win – all Certified for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011. In fact, with Powertrak, you can access, send and retrieve Microsoft Dynamics CRM information on your iPad and Android Tablet.

    Take a look.


  6. Jim November 3, 2015 / 4:50 pm

    Makasih atas infonya , Aerith


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