Testing your Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 Apps

I have been wondering about how the CRM market place would work and what exactly you would need to do to certify your apps

I finally found this blog page today saying there is a software test which is self administered.

I found it a bit odd that there wasn’t much information on the subject and finding it was quite difficult, well searching google for it.

anyway if you having trouble finding the information like I was the article should help, I have quoted some of the more interesting parts.

You have a fantastic App for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 and you want to list it on the Microsoft Dynamics Marketplace and/or achieve certification. Good news! The software test that you have to take is self-administered and is available now for you to give it a try. Do note that several of the sites mentioned here still need to be updated with information about CRM 2011 but that shouldn’t prevent you from giving the software test a try.

The process

1. Register your company and application and download the Microsoft Platform Ready test tool athttp://www.microsoftplatformready.com. For questions or comments about the Microsoft platform ready site and tool you can contact: devspec@microsoftplatformready.com

2. Run the tool and execute the corresponding tests that are applicable to your application. You must execute the test cases for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 as well as any other applicable technology that is currently supported by the test tool.

3. Once you have passed the test and submitted the results to Microsoft you can now proceed to register on the Microsoft Dynamics. The Get Listed page spells out the process you need to follow to get your product listed. Currently there is a certain amount of duplication between both systems (e.g. you have to register twice) but the experience will be streamlined with future enhancements.

4. If you want to pursue certification ensure that you have taken the test and submitted the results before you contact the vendor that administers certification on behalf of Microsoft. Do note that there are additional requirements (e.g. customer references) other than the software test to achieve certification. Certification is not required to be listed on the marketplace but it will grant you a “Logo”, better placement in search results and other perks that are well worth it. To learn more about certification see this link. You can also contact msdynamics@veritest.com if you have questions about certification.


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