JScript Libraries and Web Resources

This is one of the big improvements in CRM 2011.


Richard Knudson who has a great blog and I am always getting great articles and videos from his site.  He has an article and 12 minute video explaining web resources


This is a great improvement for CRM 2011 because now we will be able to use the same javascript in multiple forms without having to duplicate it everywhere.

Another thing I noticed from the video is how much easier and faster it is to get customising the forms.

It is quite different from the previous way of working but I don’t think that is really a bad thing.

Richard also wrote another blog entry on Re-usable JScript Libraries

both of these blog entries give you a great introduction to these new features in CRM 2011


The top Microsoft Dynamics CRM 2011 features by the 10 top CRM people


Although it seems rather odd to get these CRM titans to woodenly describe a different feature of CRM 2011, you can’t argue that they certainly have picked the best enhancements.

It’s worth watching the video.  I have read lots of articles about the favourite features and using the new features but this video is only 7 minutes long and gets right to the heart of the matter.

It’s also interesting to see some of the people by the blogs I have read many times.

So that’s what the Yack looks like!!