My Journey into Microsoft CRM Dynamics and Certifications


I am continueing my quest to increase my knowledge in the CRM world.

It has been a slow drawn out journey.  In 2008 whilst working on different projects, the company I work for said they were moving in the direction of CRM.  So I studied for Crm 4 Applications certification.  This was quite difficult because I wasn’t using CRM every day but it was also interesting because I was learning what CRM was and how it is used and fits together.

I then passed that certification and the company got some CRM work but gave it to people who hadn’t studied about CRM and knew nothing about it ?!?!?!?!

On the plus side at this point I then got to work on a project which used C# and  This turned out to be some very useful skills to pick up with regards to CRM and in particular CRM development.  As many of you no doubt know Microsoft CRM Dynamics is basically an asp Web site built on standard Meta Data framework.

This year I finally got to work on a CRM project, Hazaar and at the same time I have continued to learn about CRM through passing the 2 more CRM certifications.

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Customization and Configuration

Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Installation and Deployment

These two certifications have helped build my knowledge about the way microsoft dynamics Crm works and the various components that are installed and which make up the total package. e.g. things like the crm website, Reports services, the web services and outlook.

I am now moving on towards the programming side of CRM.  I am currently studying for the certification

CRM 4.0 Extending Microsoft Dynamics

I have found this very interesting, one reason for this is because I have spent 6 years as a Java developer and then some more years developing in C#, and doing some business objects and other projects which have popped up.

It’s interesting to see how CRM is laid out, it reminds me of when I have developed code which I wanted to use again, you try to modularise the code and make it so you can extend the code without changing it (so you don’t have to test it again).  It also reminds me of my Java days and using frameworks like Spring, Struts and a hibernate (is it a framework? but it is similar to CRM because it uses metadata to access the database).  This is interesting because you can see how Microsoft has laid out CRM, thought it out so people can extend and add to it without too much difficultly.

With regards to Extending CRM exam. I have found the ms courseware very useful and well presented as usual.

I have also been reading the book – Programming Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.  This is also an extremely professional and well written book.  It gives great examples and picks out all the gotchas for you.

The most interesting resource I have been using is the CRM Ramp up course, which I have blogged about before here

It’s really interesting to see the thoughts of one of the developers of CRM 4 and the jokes and etc knowledge he has.  It’s also enjoyable not to be just reading about CRM.

once I have passed this certification, I will then focus my attention on improving and studying my .NET skills and work towards passing the

TS: Web Applications Development with Microsoft .NET Framework 4

of course at the same time I will also need to learn CRM 2011.

Still at the start of the year I only had one CRM certification, now I have 3 in the bag, one more I studying for and some experience of actually using CRM on a project.

Hopefully next year I will really make some head way into the world of CRM and get really stuck in to CRM 2011


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