Entitiy prefixes and Solution Management in CRM 2011

I was tinkering with CRM 2011 today and found out someone had added in a bunch of entities but had changed the prefix of the entities so instead of


It was instead


I thought this was a brilliant way of knowing all the entities we had added into the system.  The only problem was I had no idea how they had done it.  They explained to me and I still didn’t know.  I was searching around the entities and then I noticed a new solution had been created.  The Solutions management section of CRM 2011 is completely different so I have been avoiding it slightly but after a bit of research I found out that it is a fantastic addition.

The way to do this is when you create a new solution, you create it using a publisher.  The publisher can then choose to the prefix of entities.  The other benefits of the Solutions Management is you can package up you solution, which can include workflows, entities, reports, processes, jscript, dashboards, basically everything.   This makes it a great way to publish/sell you solutions to companies.

One other neat feature about the Solutions Management is you can set parts of the solution to be unmanaged, which although sounds rather odd actually means you can change those part of the solution.  Managed on the other hands means the user/customer cannot change those parts of the solution, which I’m sure you can imagine has the potential to be very useful.

David Yack explorers some of the behaviours of installing and upgrading solutions.  This is very useful and contains a few gotcha’s


Here is a video by the Microsoft CRM blog


this gives an excellent description of the Solutions Management concept and feels like it’s written for developers used to developing on other platforms and how they can work in similar way in CRM 2011

You can see one of the CRM Developers talking about solutions management


Average CRM wages

I was looking at the average wages for CRM jobs.

one interesting thing to note is all the jobs with CRM in the title have increased in number over the last 3 months.

I wonder with Microsoft pushing CRM 2011 and CRM 2011 adding in some excellent enhancments, I wonder if there will be more CRM jobs next year.  I certainly get the feeling that Microsoft CRM is growing and the product is getting better and the number of companies delivering excellent CRM solutions is also growing, maybe CRM with CRM 2011 is gathering speed and momentum.


Description Rank
3 Months to
20 Dec 2010
Rank Change
on Same Period
Last Year
Average Salary
3 Months to
20 Dec 2010
Average Salary
% Change
on Same Period
Last Year
Matching Job Ads
(% of Permanent
IT Job Ads Sampled)
Last 3 Months
Rank up 8 places CRM 58 Up+8 £47,500 +5.55 % 4488 (4.02 %)
Rank up 36 places CRM Consultant 522 Up+36 £50,000 325 (0.29 %)
CRM Developer 669 Down-53 £42,500 +13.33 % 157 (0.14 %)
CRM Analyst 712 Down-83 £37,500 -11.76 % 114 (0.10 %)
CRM Manager 739 Down-110 £65,000 +52.94 % 87 (0.08 %)
CRM Project Manager 786 Down-115 £55,000 -4.34 % 40 (0.04 %)
CRM Business Analyst 787 Down-126 £65,000 +36.84 % 39 (0.03 %)
CRM Architect 790 Down-148 £61,250 -12.50 % 36 (0.03 %)
Rank up 102 places Dynamics CRM 258 Up+102 £45,000 1036 (0.93 %)
Rank up 55 places Microsoft CRM 413 Up+55 £42,500 -6.59 % 516 (0.46 %)
Pivotal CRM 702 Down-59 £46,250 +2.77 % 124 (0.11 %)
Dynamics CRM Consultant 708 Down-49 £47,500 118 (0.11 %)
Dynamics CRM Developer 744 Down-81 £45,000 +3.44 % 82 (0.07 %)



Developer Ramp up Kit for Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0


I have been studying for the CRM 4 – Extending CRM certification and I have been through the course ware for the exam and then this week I found a developer ramp up kit.

you can find it here and it’s totally free.

The course is held by a developer at Microsoft at the home of microsoft in Richmond.  I found the person giving the course very easy to listen to.

The information the course is very useful, not only does it go through many of the development areas of CRM but it also gives you lots of information of how CRM works.  This course would be useful if you are studying for any of the exams because the information it gives comes up in all the previous exams.

Watching the videos is useful but going through the labs is even more useful because you actually see how the code works.