CRM 2011 – Overview videos

This link has a number of different summary/introduction CRM 2011 videos

Initially I only looked at the development videos but I have recently gone back and looked at the other videos.

The videos are split into various sections






I think the most important features and the benefits you will gain from watching these videos is they tell you about the new features of CRM 2011.

I have recently been working with CRM 2011 and one of the main challenges is changing the way you work with CRM.  I am used to thinking about CRM problems in a CRM 4 way and this means I won’t be utilizing the new features of CRM.

With this in mind I have decided to educate myself on the new features so I can use these features.

It is quite an interesting idea to split the videos into the various sections, the user section I didn’t find useful but the developer, manager and partner videos were good.

if anyone has any other good links then please send them to me

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