Certified – Dynamics CRM 4.0 Applications

I took the Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4.0 Applications exam today and I passed,phew, what a relief

I got 88 percent, which is 44 questions right out of 50.

I am currently over the moon and floating around some of the other major planets, I’m so glad I can have a rest from reading about CRM, taking loads and loads of practice exams and generally obsessing about CRM every day.  I even had a dream about CRM.

It’s been quite interesting learning about CRM and I have found it very useful to look at other parts of the CRM system which I haven’t used much.  The applications exam gives a very good overview of the most of the functionality in CRM, I can imagine it would be useful for CRM sales people to go on.

There are often debates about how useful certification is and how it should be assessed by employees, e.g. what difference does it make.   Well I can say it is very important.  Well of course I would say that now I am certified, what did you think I have just been doing all that studying for.

I am also a certified Java developer as well as now being certified in CRM 4 Applications.  I would say that being certified doesn’t make you better at your job, although it might.   The main benefit to being certified is to pass the exam you have to know the topic in detail and in my case I have read the course material twice, revised key points in the way CRM works and tested myself many many many times.

Anyone who has passed an exam has to learn the topic in great detail and this is benefit.  You also have to learn parts of the software which you might not use very much.  I found in Java that this knowledge would often crop up and aid me in my job.  The Java certification didn’t make me a better programmer but it did make me a more informed programmer.

The greatest value in certification is what it says about the person, if I see someone has got the CRM Applications certification then I know they have a good knowledge of CRM but it also tells me this person is willing to put in hard work outside of work in order to further their career.  I have spent a lot of hours outside of work reading about CRM, taking practice exams and learning about it, this has taken discipline and motivation and these attributes are the kind of attributes you want in an employee.

I will add in more posts describing my methods and the sources of information I used now that I have a bit more time on my hand and won’t be spending any free time I have revising CRM.