Microsoft Second Shot is back for 2009

Microsoft Second shot is back for 2009 and what an excellent idea it is too.

for those of you who don’t know what Microsoft Second shot is, it allows you to retake Microsoft certification exam again free of charge if you fail the first time.

Basically it means if you take the exam any time soon, you will have up until June 2009 to take it again free of charge.

find out more about it here

and the actual place you need to go to get the second shot is here

Good news indeed.

I wonder if people then go into the first exam preparing a little bit less than if they had no second chance or maybe people schedule the exam earlier to see if they can pass it and if not take it again later.

I will be using mine as a back up, I will study hard and take the exam and then if I fail, I will cram for a week where I think I am weak and then go back and ace.

Last time I had a second shot I passed first time but its still good to know you have a safety net.