Microsoft Dynamics CRM Certification Group

I have been using linkedin more recently, I think I am starting to realise its potential and am now viewing it as something which can be a very useful source of information.  Linkedin has a vast amount of people with a lot of knowledge, it’s like having lots of experts just a keyboard away from you.


I am studying for my CRM certification and I thought I would see if there was a CRM certification group, huh, to my surprise I could find one.  

So I decided to start one up tonight and here it is with the catchy title of

Microsoft Dynamics CRM Certification Group

So if you have come to this page via google or some other link, follow the link above and join the group. 

If lots of people join and contribute then we will all benefit.

I will hopefully drive the group with lot of blog entries, linked to useful information and basically lots of discussions about The Microsoft Applications exam I am currently studying for.

so what are you waiting for, sign up today

New White Paper – CRM & the Economy

I read an interesting white paper today by a company called Innoveers solutions and the title of the white paper is “CRM & the Economy” and it can be found here

The article paints an interesting picture and has a positive approach to the current economic downturn.  As a positive person I found myself agreeing with the many of the points in the paper.   I found it very interesting and encourage you to read it, it’s only seven pages long and won’t take you a minute.

The paper highlights the importance of CRM and by improving the efficency of your CRM systems you can not only increase efficency but more importantly you can focus on retaining the customer base you have already worked so hard to build up.

Improving your CRM systems is not only something  you should do in a growing economy but it becomes even more important when the economy is contracting because in many ways this is the time  you need to be operating at your most cost effective and where benefits will seem even greater.

The idea of increasing the effectiveness of your marketing and improving your current customer service is vitally important when money is at a premium.

It reminds me of a Zig Ziglar story I heard recently when he mentions a salesman was trying to sell to someone who had just crashed his car, burnt down half of his house in a fire and other misfortunes.  The man was trying to sell him a smoke alarm package for 300 pounds.  The fellow said “listen boy I am down about 30000 dollars and I can’t afford to buy from you”.   The salesman said “sir, the way I see you have already lost a lot and another 300 dollars won’t make much difference but if you lost what you have left to a fire then you have lost everything, I can’t see how you can’t afford not to buy this smoke alarm”.

The point I am trying to make is, when things are going well people can afford not to buy CRM systems because things are going well but when things are going bad and they need to get into shape and become efficient then they this is the time they really can’t afford not to improve and buy CRM systems.