good habits are hard to stop

I am currently reading a really long chapter (32 pages!) on managing cases in CRM for the CRM Dynamics 4 applications exam.

I am making it hard work for myself because I keep getting distracted and doing other things, like write this blog post for instance.

The more efficent way to do this would be to sit here and keep reading until the chapter is read and then after that go off and look at other things.   I have currently read a third of the chapter and am having a quick break.

The point I shall make though is this, it helps to get yourself into the habit of reading something for your exam, once a day, 5 times a week or maybe just 3 times a week.  The important point is you create the habit.  

I appreciate that probably a lot of people can quote to me that it takes 21 days for something to become a habit, although this might be true, I think you can also create a quicker habit by trying to do something every day.

Recently I have either read a chapter at lunch or stayed behind at work and read a chapter on CRM everyday.  At first it seems so difficult but after two weeks it has slightly changed from something that seems to take a lot of effort and time, to something I just do (like checking the football headlines or reading the BBC website for some news).

So anyone who is studying for the CRM certification or any other certification or just wants to learn something then you should try and get into the habit of focusing on that goal everyday and persistently working towards it.

You could of course sit down once a week and read 7 chapters but I personally prefer to slowly chip away at something, to keep pecking away at it.

Talking of habits; trying to create the habit of blogging consistently is one of the reasons why I have written today’s blog entry, I want to try and get into the habit of writing blog posts regularly.

right I’m two thirds of the way through that chapter, time to finish it off.  I was going to mention that good habits aren’t only benefical to nuns, e.g. stopping them from being naked but then I thought I really should stop the habit of making bad puns