What is this blog about?

Hello and welcome to the first entry onto my new blog.  

The first question is what is this blog going to be about.  A very good question and I’m glad you ask it is going to be about

  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4
  • Microsoft Dynamics CRM 4 Applications Certification
  • Business Intelligence
  • Business Objects
  • Business in general
  • Interesting things I find on the internet
  • Interesting things which happen to me at work

I hope anyone who stumbles upon this blog will enjoy reading it and contribute with some comments.

so does the world need another CRM blog, yes of course it does because this blog is going to be interesting, amusing and will help you learn about CRM, business intelligence and business through ideas, my research and my experiences. 

This blog will also be useful for people studying for the Microsoft Dynamics CRM Applications certification because I am going to talk about any links I find useful and put my notes down on subjects which are featured in the exam.  This helps the information stick in my head because to explain something to somebody means you have to understand it.