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Extending CRM 2011 study information and partner source links

March 11, 2013


I am (still) studying for my the Extending CRM 2011.  The links below are for people who have access to partner source, reading the courses below and the CRM 2011 SDK should definitely prepare you for the exam. The courses will lead you to a site where you can download the course in pdf files […]

CRM 2011 installation error – SQL Server: The instance name must be the same as computer name

October 12, 2012


I got this error on a recent CRM Install. The reason for this error was because the name of the SQL Server machine had been changed after SQL Server 2012 had been installed. So what I think basically happens when you install CRM it creates the default instance with the same name as the computer […]

The account specified to run the Microsoft Dynamics CRM application does not have Performance Counter permissions.

October 9, 2012


If you have installed CRM 2011 you will have almost definitely seen this message. I am doing it with a Windows 2012 server install and I know how to fix the error but finding Local Users and Groups setting is a puzzle in itself. The cause of the problem is the CRM service users you […]

CRM 2011 – Instructions on installing the Outlook Client Add on

September 21, 2012


One of the benefits of using CRM 2011 is utilizing CRM 2011 inside the outlook client, which makes tracking emails and appointments for CRM records quick and easy. Before you can get these benefits you need to install the CRM Outlook Add in.  I have found some great resources on the subject. I would say […]

CRM 2011 – in plugins only select the fields you need and not ColumnSet(true)

September 17, 2012


usually when I am first developing some code in a plugin I will select all columns in the query e.g. account Account= (account)service.Retrieve(account.EntityLogicalName, id, new ColumnSet(true)); Once I know the code is working I will change this to pass only retrieve the fields I need because this makes the code run quicker and it’s basically […]

CRM 2011 – Reassigning records in CRM 2011

August 23, 2012


someone at work recently left and someone replaced them and I hadn’t thought anything about it until I started thinking about all the records assigned to this user?   Interestingly you cannot delete users in CRM 2011 you can only de-active them.   so I know had to find out how to reassign the records from one user to […]

CRM 2011 – Dynamic Connector Error – The request failed with HTTP status 401: unauthorized

August 16, 2012


I was once again wrestling with a Dynamic Connector install. The hardest thing about using the Dynamic Connector is as soon as you get an error, it’s practically impossible to find any help for it, I think this is due to not much has been written, they didn’t agree on a name for ages so […]

Another blogger (Srikanth Reddy) copies CRM blog posts

February 23, 2012


It seems like the blogger is copying some my blogs and other CRM blogs, so if you are a CRM blogger you might want to check the blog written by Srikanth Reddy to see if he has copied one of your blog posts. on to the examples Here is my blog and here is the copy, […]

CRM MVP’s and blog links

November 29, 2011


if you want to subscribe to some of the best blogs on Microsoft Dynamics CRM then I would recommend subscribing to the blogs written by the CRM MVP’s (and mine of course) The CRM MVP’s all make fantastic contributions to CRM community and their articles, tools, forum posts and books have helped me loads over […]

CRM – November KB articles for CRM

November 28, 2011


Here is a list of the all KB articles released for CRM in the month of November 2011 Dynamics CRM   KB Article Link Publish Date CRM Version Title 2620926 05/11/2011 Dynamics CRM 4.0 [SDP 3][61593d1b-21b0-43e3-9088-74e77dec12f4] Microsoft Dynamics CRM client for Microsoft Office Outlook diagnostic tool 2550098 10/11/2011 Dynamics CRM 4.0 Update Rollup 20 for […]