CRM 2011 – Entity with no notes or activities!

Posted on March 18, 2013


I had a strange request, a user was asking to add the Notes and Activities onto an entity.

I never knew you could remove the notes and activities from an entity, so I went over to the entity to find the notes and activities cupboard was indeed bare.

I wondered if someone had done something dodgy to remove the fields but no, I googled it but nothing.

I then went to the Entity in solution and found Notes and Activities are tick boxes, which I am guessing are ticked by default when you create a new entity.

So it seems the person who created this custom entity unticked all options.

One word of warning the Notes and Activities check-box’s have an ominous tombstone next to them, this means if you tick this and save it you can never untick it (but you could hide the values I guess)

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Posted in: CRM 2011