CRM 2011 – Plugin Message list

Posted on April 11, 2011


I have google this question loads and loads and never seemed to get close to find a list of the messages avaiable in plugins.

in fact if you type into google

CRM 2011 Plugin Messages

you won’t get a list of messages, you get a list of random stuff and I couldn’t find these in the SDK but luckily today Jamie Miley has them all listed on his blog, which is an excellent blog by the way, I have featured quite a few of Javascript entries on my blog, so you should definitely bookmark his blog, particularly if you are CRM Developer.

I often wondered how many plugin messages there were and it turns out there are loads because Jamie can’t even list them all one one blog post and has had to put it over two blog posts

Part 1

part 2

I want this list to be available on my computer so I have put them into an excel file which you can download yourself by clicking on the link below

CRM 2011 Plugin Messages

Once again thanks a lot Jamie I have been looking for this list for weeks.

actually Jamie sent me a message saying

On 04/11/11 2:58 PM, Jamie Miley wrote:——————–

I noticed you published a spreadsheet out there with the full list of messages.  I just wanted to mention quickly that such a spreadsheet already exists (it was the basis of my blog) in the SDK in the /tools directory.


who would have thought that all the time the information was already sitting on my machine in the CRM sdk /tools directory and it goes by the name of

message-entity support for plug-ins.xlsx

well if Microsoft had mentioned this information in a more obvious fashion I wouldn’t have been searching google for it.

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